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#57104 Posted at 2009-06-30 12:24        
Foxhound : Now, I will overclock this CPU to 3.0 and than test again. I also will buy 2 GB additional RAM so if needed ArmA2 can use the full (and max) 2 GB while XP still has some too :)
(I know XP supports max like 3.5)

No, 32 bit OS's have max adress space of 4 GB, that goes for both XP, Vista and 7.
I have the same specs you do but vista 32 and 4 GB of ram, my comp recognises all ram but can only use 3.

Arma 2 doesnt like Vista, i remember everyone complained about this in Arma 1 (at the time i had XP too) but i dont want to go back.. i've been monitoring Arma II in window mode and the most ram it ever used was around 1 GB, with XP 2 GB should be enough.
Im going to try and see if i can put my conroe at 3.0 too (333 fsb), you be carefull, increasing the FSB can be dangerous to other system components like the ram or the graphics card. But.. i dont think i will be able to resist buying a new CPU soon (Quad).