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#57114 Posted at 2009-06-30 13:29        
Yeah I know there always is a risk ;)

I did a little test last night and joined a MP game with 20 people on it, I think it was domination or evolution.
I played with (please dont get scared) 50 - 60 frames, so I increased all graphic settings to high/very high and ran around/drove around with 25 - 50 frames.........incredible I must say.
I even enabled PP to very high, no notice in frame drop, but I disabled it again as I do not like the blur. Set 3d render to 125% I think.

FPS in the campaign suck, so why in MP (it was just a short test for like 30 minutes) its better, or at least seems to be better i dont know. Maybe bad mission making in the campaign cause of all the bugs?