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#57235 Posted at 2009-07-01 15:15        
[size=1]FPS Helper[/size]


This addon is a small config designed to increase the visual performance of ArmA II. It does so by removing and reducing the quality of various aspects of the game. The addon is designed for those who have troubles running the game with good performance or so that other settings my be pushed higher. It only works on Utes and Chernarus. Note that this is still in a beta phase, future version is impending.
      - Lower (smaller) grass
      - Less dust produced from vehicles on land
      - "removed" animations from grass
      - Wildlife removed from Chenarus and Utes
      - Grass rendering altered
      - Grass clusters are less dense

      - Lowered density of grass clusters
      - Changed grass rendering details

      - Glossiness removed from water and other surfaces.

      - Removed some blurs
      - Removed some UV sources

      - Ground textures lower, removed mid range texture (modification seems effective)
      - Adjusting irradience (glossiness) of water and glass
      - Removing the animations from trees and bushes
      - Look at shaders
      - Look at texture loading priorities
      - Spread grass out to avoid odd patches
      - User options to change settings
      - Binarize and sign
      - More visible to AI (untested)
      - Does not work properly with SAP clutter, unless in this order -mod=@FPShelper;@SAP (not recommended to run both)

FPS Helper

Appreciate any help, suggestions and feedback.

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