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#57368 Posted at 2009-07-02 15:40        
Bump - as I have made another amazing discovery & added to first post. - If you are not running RAID and have 2 hard drives.

Try it and see for yourself! :eek

Run on multiple hard drives!!

ArmA2 is heavy on the harddrive I decided to split the ArmA 2 files onto two different hard drives, this can be done by making a mod folder on one of your separate hardrives. This makes loading faster, and allows you to simulate a faster data transfer rate.

For example I have moved the following files (they mainly contain textures and models), others containing configs may cause problems if you are running addons. into F:\CA\addons as shown below:


You can then run these files via the modfolder method

(safest method) I use.
to work with some mods/addons, depending on which files you have moved.

When patches are released you will have to move these files back into the main addons directory.

[edit] ;)

FPS helper v1.0b released

FPS Helper

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