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#57441 Posted at 2009-07-03 07:12        
Here is a follow up of my previous post.

I did some more testing last night and I am curious if I am the only one noticing in MP the game performs better than in SP. Can anyone confirm this?

My specs:
Intel E6600 @2.4
Windows XP
Clean install, formatted my whole system last week and running a Virtual Machine for the ordinary internet stuff. So this XP install is only used for the game and some additional programs (for the overclocking I planned as well).

2 days ago I tried forceware drivers 190.xx and was not impressed. All settings on normal while running ArmAIIMark gave me much lower results than with 182.06.
So, I tried 186.xx (where I type xx I am not sure of the number, I type this at work). Performance here is almost the same as with 182.06. I seem to notice a few textures just refusing to load though. Making trees/bushes look like crap (with all settings to normal/high), not sure anymore if that was also present with 182.06 though.

Now, last night I joined a server to further test my results. I played on a server with 30 guys, running domination.
I was able to crank up all my settings to very high (including AA and AF, except PP that is disabled), even shadows are very high. The frames I get than are like 10 - 60, its really amazing. Only in woods the shadows cause the frames to go to 10.
Sometimes I am driving (I am just driving around, walking etc) through the landscape and have 45 - 50 frames. While there are buildings, bushes, trees etc. I just performs nice.
If I disable shadows (or set them to low) my frames will not drop below 20 - 25.

Oh btw, let me mention the mission setting overrides the landscape details, it sets it to low. but this is where it gets interesting.

I started up the editor, checked if all my settings were on very high, including shadows and did set landscape details to low.
Now.......max frames I get is like 16, its very sluggish and it is unplayble, while I was just in a server with the same settings getting between 10 - 60 frames. And in the editior its just me, no AI, no vehicles, no other players!

Am I getting stupid or what? Is there some more settings in those missions that i do not know about (I know there is also VD) which force your computer to run certain graphic settings?

This weekend I will try the 182.15 drivers, and do the above thing of using multiple HD's as well as the FPS improvement addon. However as it is not signed (and should not be) you wont be able to use it online (and you should not be able to) so whatever it does is only interesting for those who play SP :)

Also let me add a note........
Like with Arma, settings graphical setting shigher, improves FPS sometimes, it does not necasarily make them worse.
I get better FPS with AF and AA set to high than I set them to low. Just try each setting for yourself one by one, you will see not always it influence the FPS and sometimes it makes things better.

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