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#57553 Posted at 2009-07-04 16:28        
Great thread, Started one at BIS, but might as well carry on here ;)

I got a few things working,

All of the Normandy Mod vehicals, in planes

FFs Air BF109 which is looking great in Arma II

Johns Buggy (and its isnt.......buggy)

Using Caa1 to play in Sara, but no luck with getting Sara vehicals to work in Caa1, they do work if you make a basic Sara mod folder though.

Forgot to mention Giga Scud works, but the explosion laggs, and is lacking the full mushroom cloud.

Also the gnat subs work well.

Must be mentioned, that the Up Armoured Hummer wont work with the Caa1 sarahni mod.

Avro Vulcan works but with no sound ;(

The flying carpet addon works fine, and so does usec_maule aircraft.

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