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#57724 Posted at 2009-07-06 15:30        
armyman77777 : Im at the mission called "Badlands" The task asks to conquer all four towns... I did exactly that... but it wont complete the task.... Ive searched every inch of all 4 citys looking for enemy.. Ive unlocked the Secops where i have to assassinate the extremist, and defend vyshnoye, My base is fully built, I'm completely stuck, If anyone has gotten thru this point please help

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I'm having a similar problem. I conquered all 4 towns and the game initially acknowledges that but in the map section, the task is not green lit indicating that it's not complete. The only other task I have there is 'Find Evidence' which genuinely is NOT complete. My sanity can't take going through the whole mission again if it's a bug.
Any ideas how to move the mission forward? Cheers.