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#57783 Posted at 2009-07-07 01:42        
Got my 260gtx, it's nice to run around with graphics on high and enjoy the scenery... But, that's all you can do with the GFX settings on high, run around. I still like to use my FPSHelper, it still does it's job by removing content that I think is unnecessary that makes the game fun to play. OFP-ArmAII Mark seemed to give me some quite bad results, only slightly better than what my 8800GS gave me. I can say from experience the 260gtx has given my much better performance than my old card, the results from ArmAII mark don't make sense at all. I still run the game on low settings, I have only increased the scene complexity and the view distance. Once I get my second 260gtx I will think about putting the settings up. For now the game is very very smooth which is nice, expecially in MP as it's something i've never experienced in that aspect.