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#57809 Posted at 2009-07-07 10:48        
(Campaign : Mission : Dogs of war)

The campaign is almost unplayable but i managed to get this far. But now i have several problems. At first my own squad could not move...they would not follow my orders and they would just stand there. I tried restarting the mission but that didnt work so i decided to shoot them. Yes!! I shot them all. And it helped! When i revived them they were following my orders again. So that problem was fixed. But i then became commander of the CDF forces. I can control all the forces with ctrl+space but they would always stay as infantry. They would not buy tanks or cars or whatever. Thats kinda annoying. And i also dont understand what the objective is. I conquered almost 3/4 of the country but nothing would happen. I also discoverd the main Chednaki base but when i was about to attack them my game just froze and went to windows......memory leak :S.

Has anyone succesfully completed this mission?

Oh....i was so sick of it i also tried the "endmission" cheat. But that doesnt work also !!!