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#58339 Posted at 2009-07-12 22:00        
Hi all,

This is the first beta of the weapons pack I'm trying to port over to Arma2, this version just contains a config that tweaks the dispersion of the AI units to help prevent the 'Robocop' syndrome that many players were experiencing.

Snippet from the readme:-


This addons attempts to reduce the accuracy of the default AI by adding hidden fire modes to each weapon that only the AI can use, these fire modes have between 2-4 times the default weapon dispersion - depending on whether the fire mode is using semi/burst/fullauto and if the weapon is using optics or iron sights.

As the AI isn't affected by weapon recoil these changes help reduce the ability of the AI's to inflict first round kills on both human and other AI opponents at long range using automatic fire. This not only increases the duration of firefights but also gives human players a chance to fire back without being killed outright - although this can and does still happen the frequency has been reduced to almost realistic levels, thus adding to the overall atmosphere of the game.

Note that long-range scoped weapons with a zoom greater than x4 have been left alone, otherwise snipers/marksmen would miss too much.[/brown]

You can find the file here.

Posted on Armaholic first, as always!! ;)


-- Archangel

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