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After ca 2-3 Weeks of much work i have a new,i think very good,MP Scenario for 50 Players ready.Its the most-tested Map i ever released.I looked trough all Triggers and Scripts and made sure everything works :)
The Gamemode is Sector Control/Domination Style and works like this:
In Chernogorsk are 5 Sectors.Every Sector is worth Points and gives a unique Exta.Points are counted in regulalry timeperiods.
Every owned Sector gives then a Point to the Owner Team (except Sector 5 is worth 2 Points cause its hard to capture when Enemy defends it).When a Point Limit (Lobby Setting from 5 to 250) is reached,the Game ends with Victory of the Team with the Points.
A other Lobby Setting is time of day,you can choose morning,afternoon,evening and night.
Night Missions can be interesting with Battlefield Illummination from Artillery.They make much more light than a 40mm Flare.

Every team got 1 Assault Team,1 Fireteam,1 Special Forces Team,1 Pilot,1 APC Crew and specialy new a Mortar Team.25 Players in every Team.

Mortar Team: The 3 Players of the Mortar team can do some stuff.They can build a Observation Tower (deerstand) and a Sandbag Covered Fireposition for their Mortar.The Mortar can get transported with an Ammotruck,that supplies Ammo too.
The Mortar Gunner can choose the Option "Aim Artillery",which allows him to target the Mortar with a Aimmap,that shows the Impact Point.The Mortar can shoot HE,WP and FLares.Only the Mortarteam is allowed to operate the Mortar.All other will get a Message that only trained Soldiers can operate this Weapon.

Assault Team: 5 Players equipped to Attack
Fireteam : 5 Players which should give Firesupport to Attack Team
Special Forces: MVD/Force Recon Team-The Teamleader can call Artillery under special Conditions (look Command Post Sector)
Tankcrew: Can operate a Battletank and build a covered Position for their Tank (Camonet and Artillerynest)
Sniper Team: A Observer which is able to build an observation Tower (hunter-deerstand) and a Anti-Material Sniper
Pilot: Pilot for the MI8 or MH60 Transport Choppers
Combat Engineer: The Combat Engineer can build more than 15 things,included complexe Compositions.But he needs a Engineer Truck
General: In HC Game exits a General (replaces the Combat Engineer,but still can build all CE Buildings),this General can enter the High Commander mode with Ctrl+Space.He can give Waypoints,orders etc to all other Teammembers,so he can realy make a Strategy.Interesting for Clan´s

The Artillery system doesnt need the Artillery Module.Its fully working on dedicated Servers.(advanced Version of Xenos Artillery in Air Cav)

Equipment in Base:
Every Team got:
Bikes and Bycicles
3 Armed "Jeeps"
2 Armored Personal Carriers
1 Transport Chopper with Machineguns (Mi8 or Mh60)
1 Mortar Truck (transports the Mortar and the Mortar Team)

The Sectors and the Extras the owner Team gets.
All Sectors are in same distance to Russian and USA Spawn (as far as posible,should match 90%)

Russian Bridgehead:
A Bunker with a Vehicle Spawn.At this Sector spawns a T90 Mainbattletank.If it gets Destroyed spawns a new after 5 Mins.
This Sector is nearest Sector from Russian Spawn

American Bridgehead
This Sector is nearest to American Spawn.Here spawns a Abrams Battletank (5min Respawn)

Command Post:
This Sector is very Important.The Team that owns this Sector is able to request Artillery support from a corrupt NAPA Warlord.The Napa Warlord got a own Territory 2-3km away of Town.They will attack everyone that enters their Territory.
In the Napa Territory are the Guns for the Artillery Support.If they are killed no Artillery can get called for 10 Mins.

Weapons Cache:
The Weapon Cache Sector contains 2 Ammoboxes with G36 and Xm8 in all Variants

Container Harbour:
The Team that owns the Harbour can use the Engineer Truck that spawns there.With the Truck the Combat Engineer/General can build a lot of things,including Vehicle Service Point and Bunkers.The Harbour is also worth 2 points when Points are counted.

Player abilitys:
All Players can "DIG-IN" (look Picture)
Snipers&Observers can build Deerstands
Observers,Scouts and Special Force Teamleader are able to Request Artillery,when they are close to the Command Post,and the Guns are alive.
Im sure i forgot something,let you suprise :)

Pictures and Promotion Videos:

Battlefield Illummination: Here you can see how a Artillery Battlefield Illummination Firemission looks:
Video I

Here you see a T18 Container with Fragmentation Submunition:
Video II

And here you can see how a Firemission with 9 Rounds M60 WP-Incendiary looks like.
Video III

This Video shows how the Mortar Team can Aim the Mortar to give Effective Support Fire
Video IV

This Screenshot shows a "Digged In" Player
Digged IN

And here is the Download Link -till Big added it to downloads,please use the Rapidshare Links.
They contains the same Download,but Rapidshare allows only 10 Downloads,so i added it twice for 20 Downloads :)

Inferno: Chernogorsk SC-50 v0.8

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