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#5864 Posted at 2007-05-31 15:09        
@Bracks, really a very nice movie. Very well made. :yes
I really like how you made a story/mission and just show it as if we are spectating it, and I also like the additional sounds/voices you added. It all just adds to the whole movie :)

What you could so to stop changing the screen so abruptly is using some fading in/out, but also that can be annoying when done to much.
Try to place your camera's in a position so you can just turn them to view the things you want.

Do you maybe still have a high res version of this? If so could you upload it to our public FTP (check the FAQ for connection info). That way I can add it to our streaming video section :thumb

Very nice made video. I like how you made those "effects", as in the sound, the text and the voices.

But, there is always a but, I dont know that first word :D

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