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#58684 Posted at 2009-07-16 22:01        
Dead3yez : Bump - as I have made another amazing discovery & added to first post. - If you are not running RAID and have 2 hard drives.

Try it and see for yourself! :eek

Run on multiple hard drives!!

ArmA2 is heavy on the harddrive I decided to split the ArmA 2 files onto two different hard drives, this can be done by making a mod folder on one of your separate hardrives. This makes loading faster, and allows you to simulate a faster data transfer rate.

For example I have moved the following files (they mainly contain textures and models), others containing configs may cause problems if you are running addons. into F:\CA\addons as shown below:


You can then run these files via the modfolder method

(safest method) I use.
to work with some mods/addons, depending on which files you have moved.

When patches are released you will have to move these files back into the main addons directory.

So you can do this even if you only have one hard drive?

If so, do you just make a folder, put those files in and add the shortcut to your ArmA 2 target?