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#58711 Posted at 2009-07-17 05:09        
F1 comes to arma2.

Formula One Ferrari F2004 addon - created by Col_Kurtz[GC].
Ferrari F2004 - Michael Schumacher

Flashpoint to Arma2 Conversion with permission.
it's credit to the original Flashpoint add that the textures have converted so well.

I'm looking for someone to help make other versions of this F1 car, even just different colours would do for racing purporse, PM if you can help.

Beta V1.0 - 17/07/09


Normal/Spec maps on textures
Turbo boost ***>50 ***player controlled
max speed 195 in MP with turbo (tweaked for multiplay)
and 145 in Single player mode

at present the addon does not use the new arma2 shaders or materials.


Turbo script - by Lethal Modified by Gnat (further modified by southy)

Known issues:

needs shadow,
turbo isn't perfect
driver view is slightly out, drivers hand isn't in the right position.

It's a fun addon, if you have to drive to war how about going in style? ***


Download beta v1.0 17/07/09 here: