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#58737 Posted at 2009-07-17 10:55        
Pirin : Great idea with this map, I'm hoping you can get it working. Sector control has been used in some larger tournaments and it will be nice to see the same on a smaller scale.

I took a look at your code however, and it's very messy. Tons of extra files and folders, scripts that do nothing or won't even run, SQF files written in SQS, ArmA style breifing files, blank files. You should really clean it up for your next release. :)

The Map is working.In the Last Version was a little Error that causes the Americans more points than they would have earned normaly,but this is fixed in last release.

The Code for Sector Controll isnt by me,i took it from a hidden Template inside the Arma pbos.And i didnt removed Code that i didnt need from the Directory like the Hmtl Briefing etc.Many Scripts are not used in 1 Version,but in another of the Map.Some Scripts are already for Future Changes (like the Civilian Scripts for FunctrionManager),
but as long as the game dont calls them somewhere,they dont affect the Map.And its only a few KB of size.

But there realy many things that is not needed,but it makes work easier for me to have this files in Map directory.I need to remeber to remove them when ready :).For example a Empty text file,i copy text to it and save it as a .sqf/sqs file,its faster than everytime make a new Textfile.

I will clean it up today.

PS: Do you guys think a Halo is good or bad in a Fight that is mainly in 1 big City?? I think it would be bad.

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