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#59963 Posted at 2009-07-30 04:31        
I've gotten a bunch of the islands working, fairly easily:

All the islands from ArmaI that are marked as no AddOns required for use, require the AddOn files, from ArmA I: plants.pbo, buildings.pbo, roads.pbo, rocks.pbo, signs.pbo. After those are installed (with their respective keys) the islands seem to work. I get a few error messages here and there, but they seem fine... sort-of.

EDIT: Buildings.pbo has a single error, but other than that, things run smoothly. Sahrani and Sara-Lite, plus Nevada Scenery, Area 51, and Gott Island I have quickly tested to find they work. Though, there are errors.

(Sahrani has a few textures and other things missing that are probably in ArmA I's ca.pbo; which, when I tried to use it, caused a CTD)

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