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#60476 Posted at 2009-08-05 23:37        
Penfolde : i think u need a sight for the littlebird when using Hydras!


I agree. Unfortunately I didn't create the actual Little Bird AH-60 addon. What I've found to work however, is if you SINGLE click the right mouse button (sticks zoom view) and target it's easier to put your missiles closer to the target. Remember TAB targets vehicles.

Once you have a target when you are close to true aim, a circle will appear around the target box. The more solid the circle, the better the aim. Also if you look REALLY close there is a small green dot that is the sight. It's not very easy to see at all, but it's there.

I hope this helps.

***Also be aware that the AH-6 Little Bird addon has been upgraded from v 1.1 to v2.0 since I released my mission, and it includes a much better GUN sight at least.***

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