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#60704 Posted at 2009-08-08 05:01        
Version 1.2 (FINAL) is ready to fly.

MEDIAFIRE link (SP_Littlebird_v12.rar)

As stated in the Change Log below, this version has two different PBOs in the RAR. One is for the RACS skin that should be compatible with all versions of the Littlebird ADDON. And I have also included a version that uses a new custom skin made by JehzusScream that gives it a ChDKZ scheme.

Here is a link for the Armaholic thread on that ChDKZ reskin. Or you can download it directly here.

I will be working on a version of this mission this weekend that does not involve Littlebirds, and will be ADDON free. I am going on vacation next week however, and if I don't finish it by this weekend it'll be at least a week before that is released.

Also stay tuned for Little Bird: Day Two.


-Thanks to JehzusScream I have included his reskin of the AH-60 for a ChDKZ livery. This is to give Pyoter's
Little Bird the appearance of being a piece of stolen piece of property. See above for download/installation info
for installing the ChDKZ livery. I have also included a version of the mission for those not wanting to use the
ChDKZ skin, or are using an earlier version of the Little Bird addon than v2.0.

-Updated to work with version 1.03 of ARMA2.

-Now even more randomy! Prepare for a possible twist. Also, the mission start time has been randomized. It may begin
anywhere between noon and dusk.

-Added a script that will cause Father Gulash to take different escape routes at beginning of mission, randomly.

-Changed the chopper to the new NAPA reskin by JehZus.

-Added a more specific Briefing/Intel report at beginning of mission. I also added some OOC (Out of Character)
notes from me, to help anyone having trouble with the mission.

-Changed the Scenario title so it correlates better with the name of the PBO/Zip.

-Added some traffic to the roads so that the first car you see moving is not so obviously Father Gulash's.

-Added a few more units to the Chernagorsk battle.

-Added "No-Fly zones" to simulate UN/NATO guarded International Waters. If you fly out there and get shot down by
USMC fighter jets, don't say I didn't warn you :D

-Made the ChDKZ base look more like a *BASE*