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#63364 Posted at 2009-08-30 22:57        
I have updated my fire control calculator, and have set it up by default with Jones real Mortar addon values. Though can be used with any addon, as long as the air friction and initial velocities are known, and the addon displays elevation and bearing information.

Download Page

Main improvements are displaying elevation and bearing data in mils as well as degrees.
Finally nailed the time of flight bug so you know when rounds will impact.
Added a seperate page that shows people how to make quick reference charts, which are really good for line of sight engagements that require quick response times. They are also good for designers who are trying to tweek the values of their rounds, by experimenting with different air friction and initial velocity values and observing where those values would impact rounds without needing to trial it ingame.

It is an independant excel spreadsheet, I use it by setting up my laptop, beside my computer with it running, though I have used it by alt tabbing in windowed mode as well.

What it does is allows two people to act as the forward observer with the other acting as a fire control officer and gun crew.

Data is past by the FO like a proper fire mission over a radio, the gunner artillery officer then inputs the data from the FO into the calculator, which will give a fire control solution. Once the first round has impacted comes the best part. The calculator allows for realistic adjustmentss from the FO. he just calls add, drop, left, right, and the calculator works out what the gun angles need to be to accomplish this.

I have received some requests on a more detailed instructions on using it.

Tuitorial on use

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