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#65320 Posted at 2009-09-19 12:41        
the best program (i think) to make a custom face is photoshop! and no you cannot use the same template for both arma 1 and 2, there is more detail involved in arma 2's models needing more textures. you can download the face templates from many websites just type in "custom faces arma 2" on google and it will give you many forums where people have made their own, use their basic template to layer your own pictures on top (makes it easier than starting from scratch and having to align the eyes/mouth/nose and every other detail with no help!
alternately you could dl a custom face pack from here, i.e. roccos faces, and un-pbo the file, edit any of the 90 or so custom faces to how you want it. save the file as face.jpeg and move it into your profile (C:/ Users/swagger/documents/arma2otherprofiles/swagger). that should be that, i think lol.