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#65705 Posted at 2009-09-23 14:21        
ej guys, these things are all pretty clear, only one thing is never explained to the point, in my eyes this is my server file ( willing to host a benny's or an oden map) but how do i set the parameters? like "6 towns" or at bennys "camp spawn on AI on"

this is the script:

Specifies the mission rotation and related difficulty settings.
leave blank i.e class Missions {};
to enable player's selection from mission list & difficulty settings
(voted on if no admin logged in)
class Missions
class Mission_01 // name for the mission, can be anything
template = ColdOdenWarfare.Chernarus; // omit the .pbo suffix
difficulty: recruit, regular, veteran & expert
as specified in *.Arma2profile
difficulty = "recruit";
The following options are seen in the lobby of a multiplayer game. These
options can be useful for setting time limits and score limits in such games
as Capture the Flag and Death Matches. Other popular uses include
accelerate time, setting the mission difficulty or switching the intro on/off.
param1 = "Warfare"
param2 = "6 Towns"
param3 = "Off"
param4 = "Infinite"
param5 = "Off"
param6 = "Off"
param7 = "2000m"


someone please help thanks in advance!