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#67187 Posted at 2009-10-15 08:11        
Internet is offline on my gaming comp so I decided to go through and check my "Big Backup of ArmA 1 addons" folder for stuff that works in ArmA2.

RHS T-64 pack works pretty good except for the fact that it bounces 2-10 meters into the air every few seconds. ;)

BTR-80-zGuba edit Shows up in the editor but is missing something to do with the main gun. Will post exact error soon.

Beriev BE-32 looks BEAUTIFUL especially the SLA version with the Red Star. The camo blends in etc. and the only real issue was the A1 error with the door not opening.

USEC Maule M7 (+ Ski plane) did pretty good. The engine nearly blows out your eardrums with static as you start it up but it soon shifts to something alot more bearable. Once I started up the engine it started bouncing along the runway (Both Versions)so I shut it down. Not sure if that's an A1 or A2 bug.

More to come!

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