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#67292 Posted at 2009-10-17 09:02        
This is my original post that was locked due to it being in the wrong place

So I've tried everything to get the fps to a playable limit.
I have also noticed that changing graphics settings does not change the fps.
This has drawn me to the conclusion that it's not strictly GPU related?
Is it purely down to HDD speed? as there is a lot of accessing of the HDD? This would also account for why performance is lower in Vista as opposed to XP, as Vista is notorious for crappy HDD performance.

My current system is:

Phenom II quad @ 3.5gig
Nvidia gts 250 SLI
4gb OCZ Reaper ram at 1066
Vista 32bit
24" dell monitor

I have the game installed on a seperate HDD all drives have been defragGed and vista is reporting that my HDD do not need defragging.

settings for in game graphics are "very high" and adjusting in game doesnt alter the fps much in any way except dropping down to "very low".
I know sli is working as I've used NHANCER'S graphic does anyone else have any ideas?
I'm ready to uninstall this game and wait untill people report better things! as I've spent more than enough time trying to get it to work properly!

I'm going to try the new vegetation and building patches and report back .....but should the community really be doing this much work on a game? Yeah it's a good game but unplayable for most? on my system to get a decent frame rate I have to drop everything to low details? but on the cut scenes on very high I get 40 to 50fps which then drops to 20fps once I start playing again....and it doesn't matter where I am in the game it's 20fps.
There's something wrong some where?