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#68118 Posted at 2009-10-28 05:05        
I am fairly new to ArmA and am having a rough time getting my SP squadmates to do what I want.
The manual is way too brief and the tutorial is so basic as to be a joke.
I have a feeling that my squad could actually be of use if only I can figure out what all the commands do.
I have tried to search for some guidance on this, but there doesnt seem to be anything out there, so here are my questions:

1. What exactly do the 'Stealth/Danger/Aware/Safe' modes do?
2. Stand up/crouched/Go prone all seem straightforward, but what does 'Stay low' mean?
3. Why when I call 'Stop' do my squadmates all turn to face the rear?
4. What exactly should I expect from 'Scan horizon', 'Engage at will', and 'Disengage'?
5. The 'advance' and 'flank' commands seem to have no effect. What do you need to do to get these to work?
6. 'Take cover' seems to cause my guys to want to leave the area where I put them and run back to base to hide under their beds! Can it not be used to get them to move behind that close tree or nearby wall??

Finally, I thought that the Team switch commands allowed you to take command of your guys directly (which would be a terrific help in attacking armor or even getting them properly positioned!). All of these seem to have no effect though.
I have seen references to scripts that allow you to point at a guy and switch into his body, but they seem to be .sqf files which I am not sure if or how to apply these.
Any help in getting all this sorted in SP would be greatly appreciated!