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#68144 Posted at 2009-10-28 13:10        
1. What exactly do the 'Stealth/Danger/Aware/Safe' modes do?
2. Stand up/crouched/Go prone all seem straightforward, but what does 'Stay low' mean?
3. Why when I call 'Stop' do my squadmates all turn to face the rear?
4. What exactly should I expect from 'Scan horizon', 'Engage at will', and 'Disengage'?
5. The 'advance' and 'flank' commands seem to have no effect. What do you need to do to get these to work?
6. 'Take cover' seems to cause my guys to want to leave the area where I put them and run back to base to hide under their beds! Can it not be used to get them to move behind that close tree or nearby wall??

Stealth = AI will lie down/go prone,but still engages enemy
Danger= ??
Aware = AI will get his gun on hand.....and ready to shoot
Safe = AI puts his gun on back,and walk.....
i think 'stay low' means the ai will either crouch or go prone even if the player stands up..........
'Scan Horizon' will make AI rotate 360 degress, you can see him turning around slowly ( only when you stopped moving)
'Engage at will' AI will fire at his desired target.........
'Disengage' AI will not search for enemy or report.........
'advance' AI will stay in front of you,when you run forward ,AI behind you will try to get in front of you and he'll continue running in front of you,(AI stops running when you stop)
'flank left/right' AI will stay left or right to you....(not sure)
'take cover' not sure,but in ofp ,they usually hide inside bushes(inside bushes,not behind!)