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#68148 Posted at 2009-10-28 16:05        
Thanks guys.
My impression is that a large percentage of players focus on MP rather than SP, is that right?
I live in Japan, so coordinating decent times is a problem as most players seem to be either N Am. or Euro based.
In any case, I always like to start a game by working through the SP to get a feel before tackling real humans.

Anyways I am really surprised, by how little guidance there seems to be on ai commanding!
I have been playing a few missions and trying to figure out how things work.
Most of what is in the ArmA 2 tutorial seems valid and Haroon has cleared up a few more points, but I have learned a bit extra too.

'Stay low' will have the ai go prone (or sometimes crouch) if you go prone. This is pretty useful.
But if you crouch they will all stand up. They will not crouch if you do, which is a bit annoying.
'Take cover' just seems to make them run away and hide somewhere!

Overall, I just finished a mission (from the excellent Perpetua campaign) where I had a 10 man squad of elite RACS Mountain troops, and what a hassle.
Those boys could shoot! I only got about 3 kills the whole mission! And they were good at spotting too. My AT guy killed 2 brdms without a problem, but getting them to do anything more complex than follow was like herding cats. I spent more time managing them than looking out for enemy!
Comparing ai control to any of the rainbow 6 games, this is just a disgrace!