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#68454 Posted at 2009-11-01 15:27        
If your new to ArmA II then to unlock its potential you need to use addons and get mission editing.
Click here for a start to mission editing (this guide is for ArmA 1, but it still applies to arma 2) and also here.

As you can see there are hundreds of Mods and Addons released.
But which ones are for you?

Well firstly there are lots of Men, weapon and vehicle addons,
These are not essesinal, but if you want to play with a different army, new weapons or have a anouther tank in your armoury, then have a look at these.

If you are interested in british equipment then have a look at these:
Marine Commandos
Paras, rifles and SF
Weapons - L85's, GPMG, L96 etc
Challenger 2
Landrover Pack

If you like the australian armed forces then look here:
Australian SAS
Steyr AUG's

etc, etc...

there are litery hundreds of these to suit everyone, just browse through or use the search.

Next there are addons, that dont provide extra units to play with but change your game over all game experience such as:

Game interface
AT's GUI pack (chat position, compass size, removes cursors, feild of veiw, no pherepial vision markers)
Binocular change
Compass change
Better cross hair
better nv
Map Plus
There are even more of these, just have a look here to find ones you might like to use.

Effects - These are mods which change the visual effects of the game.
fire mod
night lighting effects
non blinding sun
aircraft vapour trails
there are many more, just browse through.

Sounds - There change the in-game sounds. they give the game atmosphere, a real must.
VOP Sound
this one
but for more click here.

Islands - These are a must if your getting a bit borded of chernarus. Why not fight in the desert or in a snow world? (then you can download extra men and vehicles to use there).
just click here for the complete and ever growing selection.

Optimization - if you've got an old rig, then addons which help optimise arma 2 performance are needed
A guide by dead3yez can be found here.

if your a keen marksman, then check out these:
realistic ballistics and sights
sight agustment
there are hundreds.

MODS - to completely overhall your ArmA II experiance, then download some.

SLX a must to try out. It has many many features.
ACE the most anticipated mod of all time. every one should have this, a lot of servers run with this. IT IS A MUST.
also try zgubas gameplay modifications for some small but usefull gameplay changes

Tens of mods are realsed each week, each brining something new to the game, just check armaholic reguarly to find some new things.
There is no really must have mod. Its all personal preference, if you like the cold war then download P'85, if you dont like the sounds, get a sound mod.
To find out how to install them click.
Also, try Yoma's addon sync, with a click of a button you can download and install mods instantaneous for a specific MP server. real useful.
But remember I have only covered a small amount of mods here, THERE ARE HUNDREDS, so get looking!

Thanks for reading,
Mods I am currently using:

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