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#69651 Posted at 2009-11-19 17:23        
After all the tweaking and moddin i still had the same laggy game, only after installing the Noblur modification most of the problems are solved and the game looks much better( my 2cents). The new Battlefield CTI gives me an averagy of 50FPS with 4players + AI !!!
Also seems i only get low FPS in servers where AI is used so they might use to much of the CPU :)

X38 mobo + E8600@4Ghz + GTX285 + 4GB DDR2 + 2x120GB SSD RAID0
Arma2 settings:
Everything on "Very high" screen & proces reso: 1920 x1200
More tweaks i did:
Virtual memory = OFF
All non essential background services = OFF
All non essential background programms = OFF
Nvidia 195.39Beta driver