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#70927 Posted at 2009-12-09 08:58        
hey everyone. Recently I've been making a mission pack and I think its quite decent. Its got quite a bit of radio chat using "SideChat" and it might be a bit hard to keep up for someone that didnt actually make the mission (eg. everyone except me). So I looked into recording custom sound files where I say the radio meassages along with the radio chat. Unfortunately I thought of a problem with this idea; I'm 16 and from Australia (despite what my armaholic profile says lol). So if i do make custom sound files for the radio chat, it wont be as deep as others and it will have an Aussie accent, so it might ruin the mission.

So, my question for the ArmaHolic community is; should I record the sound myself or just leave out the actual SOUND for the the radio chat.

Another option I just thought of whiel writing this is if somebody else from ArmaHolic recorded the sounds. If you PM me, I could send you a script for the missions. Then you could email me the files.

thanks :D