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#72084 Posted at 2009-12-24 16:26        
Blackhawk : Well, every NATO member is a contributor to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan.

But it's the hardware the Czechs have. The usual, T-72's, BMP's, basically the same old Ex-Soviet equipment the CDF, ChDKZ and SLA had. No Challengers, Leopards or Type 99's. That's what is annoying me.

BIS have said that the Czech forces in AO will be based on their contingent in Afghanistan, who mostly rock around in 4*4s like Land Rovers, armoured HMMWVs (M1151s), Iveco LMVs (similar to the Panther CLV we use) and Dingo MPVs so I wouldn't expect too many T-72s and BPT-2. I reckon it'll mostly be a few Czech soldiers and some modern Vz.58 rifle variants (or M4s if they're doing Czech SOF)

They also said that the non-US BLUFOR only have a very small role in the campaign; so I very much doubt you'd get much in the way of British kit if they did include them instead of the Czech forces. Too much work for what will be a fairly insignificant part of the expansion.

Personally I'd rather go without British forces than see them done half-arsed.

If they include some of the modern Czech gear like T-72M4 CZ (a bad-ass looking tank IMO), Pandur II, Tatra 815, Saab Gripen etc though, it'd be amazing.