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#72934 Posted at 2010-01-06 22:20        
With permission from Terox I copy his post from the BI forums.

This post and the document it links to is intended as a basic guide to the ArmA2 Multiplayer environment and is aimed at newcomers to the game.

The document itself can be downloaded from

Previous version: 4th Jan 2010
Latest version:
ArmA2 MP Guide (latest version 6th Jan 2010)

and contains the following information

  • Download centre (Links to tools and voice comms applications)
  • Web links (Links to major community websites)
  • Tutorials for:
    • Finding a server
    • Downloading, installing and running addons & mods
    • Voice communication applications
    • 3rd party tools
  • A dedicated server directory

It is still very much "work in progress" but am sure many will find it useful in it's present state.

[size=4]To everybody in general[/size]
I would be more than happy to accept additional content to this document, tutorials etc.
If anybody finds a particular section misleading or a tutorial difficult to follow then please let me know.
Please try and keep this thread constructive and clean of spam. It is afterall intended to offer information to newcomers to help them play on our servers with us.
This thread is not a place to discuss an individual's preference of Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble or other tools and applications.

If you have a question on anything related to the content, then please ask it here, it will help me to compile a F.A.Q and update the manual to cover the queries

[size=4]To server admins[/size]
There is a reference section at the bottom of the document which contains a dedicated server directory listing.
It contains what I believe is the necessary information required by a player for a game server.
I would be more than happy to list any dedicated server in the directory providing the information is supplied to me by an official representative of that server.

[size=4]Problems setting up a dedicated server?[/size]
Kellys' Heroes have compiled a tutorial to help you with this
Kelly's heroes Dedicated Server Tutorial

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