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#73714 Posted at 2010-01-19 21:34        
Very nice pack you've made.

But to clarify things a bit, It is not uncommon to see Aimpoints, holosights and ACOG scopes on our weapons. (though they aren't supplied, many of us buy them for our own money.) Reason being that alot of the troops don't like the ELCAN scopes and prefer other and more reliable sights.
And yes, I'm a Danish soldier and have been deployed to warzones and been in combat several times, as a combat soldier, so my info is legit.

Other things I like to point out, is that the M84 is way to light. The black pattern isn't "black" enough. Otherwise it looks good. And we don't have groin protectors on our vests, but do have shoulder and neck protection (though only with soft armor inserts).

Hope this info is useful and that you continue your good work!