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Frenzyc : Very nice pack you've made.

But to clarify things a bit, It is not uncommon to see Aimpoints, holosights and ACOG scopes on our weapons. (though they aren't supplied, many of us buy them for our own money.) Reason being that alot of the troops don't like the ELCAN scopes and prefer other and more reliable sights.
And yes, I'm a Danish soldier and have been deployed to warzones and been in combat several times, as a combat soldier, so my info is legit.

Other things I like to point out, is that the M84 is way to light. The black pattern isn't "black" enough. Otherwise it looks good. And we don't have groin protectors on our vests, but do have shoulder and neck protection (though only with soft armor inserts).

Hope this info is useful and that you continue your good work!

Please read the readme....these are USMC reskins there is nothing i can do about the groin protector. Also are you using V1.1? the M84 has been tweaked a lot for v1.1 so it should be a lot more realistic. As far as the pattern not being black enough there are issues with that. Firstly I had at least 15 different danish soldiers send me pics of their uniforms and the color and contrast vary greatly depending on age of uniform and wear and tear. Also, and more importantly, i can get the black to match the color of a brand new M84 exactly however it makes you stand out like a beacon in game. I mean it is really bad people could see you from a mile away....Every time i change the M84 to the way someone else wants it someone complains its not right. I'm really not getting at you and I appreciate your feedback but I don't have any plans right now to update the M84 until i can do a completely new base model, which i will probably do in conjunction with the DDAM guys :). Thanks again for the reply though. I dont mean to sound rude at all but I can never keep 100% of people happy.