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#75656 Posted at 2010-02-19 08:55        
Ah thanks, now it works. :)

I do sometimes notice that units are being created as I am in the area. And than like they spawn in places behind me or something like that or kinda like teleport almost. I see units disappearing before me sometimes and than other units are created or pop up behind or in front of me or near me.

No problem about the error. :) I like the coop essential pack the most. :)

Btw, is it possible to make an area go to sleep due to for example inactiveness for lets say 10min or whatever?

And another thing I wanted to make with it is a "Round Mission" with Dynamic Attack force. So basically lets say 10 zones all build up and nice as I want, able to go to sleep after for example 10min of inactive time (after it has been activated by for example a player). And use a Dynamic Attack Force which kinda do the same thing only attack instead of defend, so alike the Dynamic Ambush System as described in the manual. And also for them to to respawn if died and go from one objective when completed to the other. And add a trigger for example when an area has been cleared and is empty of enemy forces and than switch to object2 for example.
And if possible to combine it with UPS to have it patrol, if possible but not necessarily specifically. I know it would patrol on its on in any case.
And the idea with the "Round Mission" is, well tied together from objective to objective and with an end. But possible for the ai alone to finish it. I kinda want the computer/ai to do some work.
And also make kinda a Template Mission I can use for other things or missions.

Is that possible too with the coop essential pack or make it into it?