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#75827 Posted at 2010-02-22 02:58        
Hi all, after reading through this topic for a while I realised something, I'm running my gfx card (oldie.. Nvidia 8600GT 512MB)in my gf's computer as it has a faster CPU and an extra GB of RAM.
I missed a glaring oversight, which was brought to my attention today, I had been trying for ages to get the ARMA II Demo to run well on either of my comps, my gaming comp which this gfx card was in just wasnt coping well..... at all.... and this one, was even WORSE (it had an 8400GS in it when i was trying this though).

Well, I saw ARMA II at EB's for $46 and bought it, deciding that if it ran like crap I would just shelf it till my next upgrade and pray that the bugs got fixed in the meantime,

Overview. runs at 19-35 FPS - mostly at 25 (though in forests, aiming down Ironsights... im on slo mo shoot mode at 10-15 fps almost regardless of graphics settings) I hit this forum hoping to garner somemore of that useful info (afterall, the demo is in no way a good representation of what the real game would be like) and stole back maybe 4 frames, a touchy 4 frames, i dont really think ive got them back, i think this comp is as far as it goes, and this leads to my writing.

someone mentioned on this forum about a HP PC, resulting on me finding out that i probably only had a 400W powersupply....

I was WRONG. TOTAL OUTPUT CONTINUOUS SHALL NOT EXCEED 250WATTS.... what is that a joke? I haven't seen a power supply that weak since i threw out my last P2!...... I've wondered time and time again why this computer struggles to have the balls it's system specs claim it to have! now I know! thank you thank you thank you, I've opened the case many times but never looked, i always assumed... ( you know what they say, assuming makes an ass out of you haha)
Now I gotta get another power supply, or fit the gfx card and 1gb of ram (if compatible) back into my old comp, but, i have linux installed on it now... catch .22 huh?

* maybe I can swap over the power supplies? 250 watt one for a 400 watt coolermaster?