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#75864 Posted at 2010-02-22 23:15        
Hello Everyone,

I have a big question about getting AI soldiers to act more like an irregular insurgent force. There are 2 behaviors I want to create...

1. Can the AI be made to attack an enemy but move laterally instead of advancing on them. In other words, they move to within range then circle but never get closer. Could it also me made to move back as the opposition advances? I know this can be done with way points, but was hoping that there was a less predictable way to do it.

2. In urban setting, can the AI me made to alternate between seeking cover/keeping low, and attacking aggressively? I want to make a mission were the AI runs around a corner, fires, then runs to cover. Again, way points make this very stiff and predictable.

Imagine a missions where enemy technicals circle your squad and the AI can be "pushed back" yard by yard......

Any Ideas?