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#75895 Posted at 2010-02-23 13:50        
Dead3yez : :welcome to armaholic Larsiano.

The gtx285 uses two GPUs if i'm correct, it might be an idea to download the nvidia sli patch or evga fix.

Anyways, a little report from me and my new system 4GB DDR3, AMD Phenom II 965, 4x 3.4Ghz, 260GTX. ArmA II is now a much more enjoyable experience, I am getting more or less the same FPS in multiplayer as single player now. With my new CPU everything is so nice and smooth, however I feel that my graphics card may be bottlenecking the system just a little, but does the job just fine.

Hey mate.

I have the same processor and RAM specs as you. I have a 9800GTS graphics card however.

Do you still get "machine gun slow down" when staring down the barrel? It's like slow motion at times (especially the PK machinegun).

It's quite clear that Han shot Greedo first.