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#76008 Posted at 2010-02-26 14:20        

i want to build a new mission and i saw in EVO BLUE some features.
I thought it would be nice to have this features in my onw mission but i dont know how to to this:

1. After respawn i want to have the same arming as i had before death. Would be useful because then i haven´t go to ammo-boxes all the time an rearm myselfes.

2. I want an entry in my mouse-wheel-menu which names "teleport to Object1". I foudn out how to do with triggers to walk in but would be much better to know how to do with the mouse-wheel-menu.

3. I saw that its possible to transport vehicles under helicopters. > to fly over the heli button in the mouse-wheel-menu and the vehicle was hanging under my helicopter an i could carry it to any position.

all of these features i saw in EVO BLUE.

would be nice i someone could help me

P.S: sorry for my bad english:|