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The Chernarus Run:

Author: Starlight Productions
Version: 1.2
Required Addons: None
Required version: ArmA2 v1.05 (not varified as v1.07 compatible)
Installation: Copy the PBO from the "" file into the "ArmA2\Missions" folder.
Island: Chernarus
Weather: Mixed
View Distance: 4000-4300
Spec Required: Quite a high spec as there is lots of things going on.



Please state version number when reporting bugs.

Known Bugs:
Awaiting further feedback...

ACE users: if you intend to try this mission then please find out how to disable ACE.


Long story driven mission.
Health checks and Healing packs.
Player can recall conversations.
Many ways to complete the mission.
Several hours playing time.
Sound effects and Music.
Sprinkling of humour!

The Chernarus Run is a long, story-driven mission using elements of RPG and Adventure. It differs somewhat from the "normal" ArmA2 missions and is probably not suitable for purists. You will need stealth, patience, tenacity and the ability to act on your own initiative. Strong-arm tactics will not work here. Be prepared for plenty of reconnaissance work. There is also a fair amount of travelling and in-game reading to be done.
The Chernarus Run is a single player scenario designed for players who prefer stealth missions. You are Major Gary T. Wolinski, brought in to do a very special job for the Western Alliance in Chernarus. Wolinski's knowledge of Russian will be an important asset in this "deep behind enemy lines" scenario.

Please give us feedback so we can improve the mission and correct bugs.

This mission is loosely based on the ArmA mission The Sahrani Run. The scenario does not relate to the current BIS Arma 2 story.

Hints and Tips:

1) Best played on the "Regular" option.

2) We would encourage players to NOT use the time acceleration "-" and "=" keys as this tends to screw the A.I.

3) When talking to characters you will need to approach them until you are close enough to make contact (just edge forward a little at a time until they engage you).

4) Take notice of what characters say as there are clues in the text that could help with the success of the mission.

5) In the early stages of the mission try playing without NV goggles for added atmosphere whenever possible.

6) Remember that ArmA2 sometimes "loses the plot" especially with civilians and a certain amount of tolerance may be neccessary at times re A.I. behaviour.

7) Check your health level through your action menu - If you are damaged you may use a Healing pack to heal yourself - healing packs are obtained at first aid tents and at few other places - you may carry 2 healing packs at any one time.

8) When using the "Hide Body" Action you probably need to wait at least 30 seconds after the kill for it to funtion.

9) Please use the savegame option in the radio rather than the menu one. This is to try to avoid the BIS savegame bug that "forgets" some AI settings when reloading a saved game (click once).


V 1.1
Fixed loadout problem whereby some players were missing equipment/weapons.
Shortened journey to 1st objective.
Changed events at 1st objective.
Fix to stop mission ending prematurely.
Fixed healpacks to allow 2 to be carried.
Changed Player's Character to Demolitions Specialist (thanks to Electricleash)
Other small fixes.

V 1.2
Added cut-scene ending.
Added Steerable Parachute (can land on buildings).
Added more music to ending.
Tweaked Ambulance Base encounter.
Added fix for BIS savegame bug.
Fixed Loadout problem.
Many other tweaks.

DISCLAIMER: Bohemia Interactive Studios or any of their affiliated publishers, are in no way affiliated with the creation and release of this mission.
You download and use this mission at your own risk.

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