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#7967 Posted at 2007-07-19 14:42        
A truly amazing an very impressive movie.
I downloaded it and this movie is really great. One of the best I have seen IMHO. I really advice all of you to watch this one, its 19 minutes but it so worth it :yes

I am going to try something new tonight when I get home, hopefully we will than be able to add .avi movies to our streaming section as well :)
For now you can view it streaming and find a download link below.

Name: Red Dawn
Author: trini scourge
Format: avi
Size: 542Mb

Red Dawn explores a future in utter ruin and chaos. In Russia, after seizing power in a successful coup d'etat, former Soviet General Vasiliy Kashlikov, begins the systematic take over of the independent states of the eastern block.
Meanwhile, in a series of events that shock the world, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt declare war on an unknown western target. Their coalition is dubbed "The Real Axis of Evil".
Nuclear Conflict is inevitable, with the fate of the world in the balance, can the western powers
dismantle the Axis' nuclear capabilities and prevent an apocalyptic outcome?
Source: ofpmm

Download it from one of the following links:
- ofpmm