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#80990 Posted at 2010-05-02 08:55        

Hello all,

I am pleased to inform you about the IDF Addon, made by RoDeX and Goldenfiver.
We started to build to addon in the 22/1/10.

In the begining we assumed that to build an addon is impossible. but now, after allmost 5 months of hard work, we are sure that we can start publishing the addon very easly now.

We made 2 versions of download, and the next one (Maybe be the finished one) is coming out this month.

Version 1.0 (publishe time: 16/2/10):

Version 1.1 (publish time:20/2/10)
A version of bugs fix and a Remake of the soldiers skins:

A preview for Version 1.2 (yet to be published):

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