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#82737 Posted at 2010-06-03 12:36        
Hi Haroon and thanks...
That editing guide is awsome!

I used to plat OFP way back when it first came out, never got into any multiplayer with it as I was always lost in the editor, heck I dont think I even finished the single player missions lol!
I tried playing multi in ARMA1 but unfortunatly before I tried that I had installed tons of add-ons (the wrong way) and alot of them wont allow me to play multi...
I plan on buying ARMA II today so Im going to try and intall addons and what not the right way so I can play online...
hope to see you there!

P.S. if I were to make a mission is it possible to have someone (you:) check it out, maybe add the intro or camera effects?

Once again, thanks alot!