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#84042 Posted at 2010-06-24 03:33        
Okay everyone...I am new to modding ArmA 2. However I am not new to modding. I mostly mod GTA IV. Anyways, I am trying to create a modfolder for the Steam version of ArmA2. I found the folder that all the Arma stuff is in. My problem is when I make my modfolder and then try to change the arma2.exe "target" box (right click then properties), w/ Windows 7 there is no target box!!! It just says the location and you cannot change it with -mod=@ModFolder....

Has anyone found a way around this? Or am I just being an ArmA noob?

Thanks in advance for the help

EDIT: *This is for regular ArmA II. Not OA. I guess I suck a navigating this site haha*

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