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#84143 Posted at 2010-06-25 12:16        
I was playing it a few months ago,there seemed to be quite a lot of people online playing evolution blue.

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# xG4M3 : wondering if mp in arma1 is still full of ppl or every one is now playing arma2?

I played it a lot when game came out, but bcz of bugs i stopped, just finished sp and some custom missions, and uninstalled it :(
My Pc isn't good enough for arma2, i played it for some 50 hours but then realized, its unplayable :D

If i have steam version of a game, wil be there a problems with a costum missions etc?

What system are you running?There are lots of threads on here about sorting out performance issues,the one i found to make the most difference for me anyway was downloading and using ultimate defragger,you can set it so it puts arma2 at the outer edge of you re disk.