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#85276 Posted at 2010-07-06 17:18        
Special Operations Co 6
by dpd29


Training mission for small squads where they have to kill or destroy 2 objectives and go to extraction point.


Special operations team of 6 members. One member is a sniper.
Mission for ARROWHEAD, it needs ARMA2 too.
Random initial position.
Random objetive position.
Random enemy number and positions. The enemy number depends on players number too.
Random pickup position.
Random ammo position.
Satcam sattelite script for each one to discover the objetive position. you have to see the photo and the map to get objetive position.
Random type of objetive of 30 possibles in 25 random positions.
Random time in game.
Scripts to improve the AI
The mission uses Revive Script ( 2 lifes)
Ammo limited
You can choose Halo Jump in init position.
The human objetives are in the area changing the position all time, inside buildings, sometimes out buildings, in the roofs...
If you alert the enemy sure they will go to your position quickly.
This mission is for single player too...