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#86257 Posted at 2010-07-18 08:52        
Welcome to Grand Theft Auto Chernarus by Maxjoiner.

GTA Chernarus

In the GTA Chernarus mission You can do same things like in GTA.
If You commit a crime the police will attempt to stop you!
I added on the right top of the screen three new indicators:
  • Health in %
  • Money $
  • Danger level
The danger level increase every once you commit a crime, if the danger level reach 5 you will came sentenced to death!
The police will follow you since when you will be dead!
In this mission You can do a choice, You can work honestly or You can commit a crimes, to You the choice!

- Time variable meteorological
- Alternation of day-night cycle (time faster 1 minute = 1 second)
- Populated city.
- Loss of vitality over time.
- Ability to restore vitality eating.
- Possibility to cure in hospitals.
- Possibility to buy weapons illegally.
- Possibility to buy cars.
- Action = reaction (eg: steals car = police attempt to stop)
and of course the ability to manage money for various purchases and services.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.


Credits & thanks:
- Kronzky for his Urban Patrol Script.

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