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#86390 Posted at 2010-07-20 01:49        
I don't know where to vote for this mission,so I write here..
It's really a good idea,I'm also fan of GTA and all Rockstar games. But I can't play your mission because it lags a lot. Even when I put video options in strict minimum!
I usually have no problem to play Arma II or Operation Arrowhead,I put 16OOx900 and high resolution without lagging(exept for the end of original Campaign of Arma II who lags a little).
Here's my config:
Vista 32bits
Core 2 Duo 2x1,8gh
NVidia 8800 GTS.
The first save I made of your mission is near 300mo!
I really want to play it,maybe can you tell me how can I configure my video options for it..?
Even if I can't play it,I put a great vote because it's very original!
I'm french,so sorry if my english is not very well..
Thanks for answer and have good game!