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#86449 Posted at 2010-07-20 22:35        
Arma II is sometime capricious with all configurations..
I don't think it's a PC problem,as I said I've no lagging problem with download missions here and all games generaly,and the maintenance is ok. I've even put 2 go Ram more.
So I have a little question: When do we have to update CBA? I've updated mine 1 month ago.
The problem could come from an addon imcompatibility maybe..
So much addons that we have for this game now!
You sometime read on Arma forums that even someone who have a great top config can lags a lot with Operation Arrowhead..strange..
I've also notice that you can play any maps you want with Op Arrowhead EXEPT: Rahmadi and Sahrani..strange too..
So,I'll try your mission later. We'll see...
Good evening.