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#86581 Posted at 2010-07-22 19:58        
# daveygary1979 : an expansion for an expansion lol, and so soon after the release! the screens look great, i cant wait to have the brits backing us up ingame, should be pretty awesome!!! ( takes me back to afghanistan ;) )

well you are the only person that isn't complaining about this. I mean did you see the news post on the home page. People are already saying that this is stupid and its going to separate the community. I don't see how that's going to happen. The people in the Flight Simulation community had no problems nor they did not complain when addons / DLC where coming from 3rd party developers and the officials. Also Separation never did happen. In that community it seemed to make it stronger and gave more idea to mod makes.

I see it this way

I say if your not going to buy, - Then don't complain because its not your problem

If you are going to buy it, - Enjoy your new content,

Sorry I have to get off topic for a different game, but it makes a great example of a strong online community

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