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#86673 Posted at 2010-07-24 11:02        
Nice informative post by Dwarden on the BI forums:

let's summarize what was revealed just in this thread by us:
i suggest first to read what's already stated on the BAF features page ...

+ there is MP friendly solution :bounce3:
(read: )

+ engine related updates will be available to everyone
(read: )

+ as the storyline is set into 2012, design decisions were made about equipment
+ fully new voice protocol with native speakers and various accents (~2+)
(read: )

+ BAF content is newly made
(read: )
* while some models may base off some of our own models the result is new model not just some re-skin

+ the design and create phase for BAF was completely separated from Operation Arrowhead
(read: )
* thus any claims that this content was left out of OA are completely wrong and misleading

+ BAF will be available for purchase from Sprocket, STEAM and some other yet unannounced sources
(read: )

+ pricing differences for regions explained:
(read: )

and now some hint from me :
+ the BAF campaign is longer than EW mini-campaign delivered with 1.05 for free

and of course naive is the one who think that's all ... :D

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